Great Greek Project

Art & Architecture
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Early Greek history keynote

Development of democratic reforms

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Remember this graphic organizer? Please review for the test:

Reading on democracy in Athens:

Persian Wars (Greeks vs. Persians)

Map link that shows the 1st and 2nd Persian invasions. Video link about triremes and video link about Spartan warriors.

Peloponnesian Wars (Sparta vs. Athens)

Link to a quirky, quick video review!

Alexander the Great

Project ideas


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Development of Greek art (watch up to minute 3:40) - link to Khan Academy video analysis

Art/Architecture Keynote

Spear Bearer (Polykleitos) - link to Khan Academy video analysis (Classical Greek sculpture)

Discobolus (Myron) - link to Khan Academy video analysis (Classical Greek sculpture)

Alexander the Great mosaic - link to Khan Academy video analysis

Philosophers(Socrates, Plato, Aristotle)
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Honors classes

Reviewed/discussed some ideas:

Important reading about Athenian democracy -

Art and architecture Keynote:
Khan Academy analysis video

Brief review of Socrates, Plato, Aristotle -

Ancient Greek sites and ruins

Review cards that might be helpful to read.... you can scroll through or cut into cards if you wish.

An electronic copy of review sheet:

CP World History -

Honors World History-